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Petrified Forest National Park Arizona

Petrified Forest National Park Arizona

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I enjoy visiting the Petrified Forest National Park while traveling through the eastern part of Arizona along Route 40.  This trip, I was on my way from Amarillo, TX to the Grand Canyon NP.  Back about 200 million years ago this area was quite a bit more humid and tropical.  Large trees grew in the area that fell and were quickly buried. (Some chemical reactions took place...) Fast forward to today, and these trees are now fossilized (i.e., petrified).

I have several images from the park with a similar theme.  I use a technique called "Focus Stacking".  When you look at my images of the Petrified Forest, you will notice that the entire scene is in focus from the very closest rock to the hills in the background.  This image was taken in the Blue Mesa section of the park.

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