About the Artist

My name is Jerry Tompkins.  I have enjoyed photography for quite some time.  I'll leave out the numbers, but suffice it to say that I am very familiar with film photography.

Over the years, I would tend to plan family vacations around parts of the country that provide an opportunity to take interesting photos.

My family likes going to National and State parks for hiking and viewing scenery, so it wasn't a difficult to get buy-in from my family.  During this time, I've compiled hundreds and even thousands of images.  Most of them are probably not worth viewing more than once.  However, many of them are worth looking at more than once, and some are even worth offering to others to enjoy.

My daughter, a professional artist, has encouraged me to make some of my work available for sale to others.  And, that is what I am hoping to do with this site.

I've gravitated to Canon products.  My current camera is the Canon 5D Mark IV.  I have a collection of lenses in which to choose given the conditions.  I use a Canon imagePROGRAF Pro-4100 printer and professional grade Canon papers to make the final prints the highest quality possible.