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Ocean City Maryland Boardwalk Collage

Ocean City Maryland Boardwalk Collage

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This is the view of the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland from Division Street to the Inlet.  It is essentially what you will see if you were to walk straight down the middle of the boardwalk taking note of the scenery every so often.  

To get this collage, I walked along the boardwalk and took an image every 50 steps.  Then, using some sophisticated software, I combined all of the images, one on top of the other.  This is the result.  If you look closely, you will notice all of the sights along the way.  The easiest thing to see is the "Ripley's Believe it or Not!" sign in the upper left hand corner.  You should also see it a couple of more times lower in the image.  Can you see the shark head sticking out of the building?  I am hopeful that each time you look at it, you will see something new. 

To make these images, I woke up early to get to the boardwalk before all the people got there.  It was taken in early May, so there weren't too many people out there.  Although, there were a few runners and a couple of City workers out there cleaning up the sand.  All of the images were taken with a fixed focus at f/16 and ISO of 400; the lens set to 50mm.  I let the shutter speed float based on the lighting.

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