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Floor Plans Still Life

Floor Plans Still Life

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A few years back (okay, it may have been more than a "few"), my wife and I wanted to build a house.  We had a piece of property and then purchased these floor plans from a catalog.  (Notice I didn't say "on-line".)  It would have been a nice 2-story farm-style house with a wrap around porch.  Unfortunately, it never materialized.  (My job transferred me out of state.)

I was taking a Photography class at the local community college at the time.  One of the assignments was to do a "still-life".  These floor plans were sitting out on the table, so I thought I'd use it for my assignment.  The image was taken using a 35mm film camera and (most likely) TMAX-100 B/W film.  I scanned the negative using an Epson V750 scanner.  The only post-processing I did was to remove a couple of flakes of dust from the scan. 

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