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Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo Texas

Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo Texas

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As you drive west of Amarillo in the panhandle of Texas, you will see 10 late model Cadillacs rising up out of the ground.  It is actually an art sculpture created by the group Ant Farm (Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez and Doug Michels). 

Visitors are encouraged to contribute to the art installation by adding their own artistic talents using spray paint (cans of which are all around the site).  Occasionally, the cars are all painted the same color in recognition of some event.  Upon the passing of one of the artists, the cars were all painted flat black.  Within just a few hours, new colors began to appear again.

I made this image in the summer of 2012 by taking an Photo of each car individually.  Then, using sophisticated stitching software, I was able to combine them all to create the single image you see here.  Since there is a constant flow of visitors to the site, it was difficult to take a single photo without people walking around the cars.  By taking individual photos, I was able to wait until each car cleared of people.  Additionally, I am able to create very large prints with great resolution.

I recently returned to the sculpture to attempt an updated series of images.  There is a significant difference in the appearance of the artwork.  Over the 11+ years since I was last year, about 6-inches of additional paint has been applied.  It is quite noticeable. 

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